Memories from Music Gigs, Part One

Our band, Most Wanted, has played gigs all over the Kentucky and Indiana area, and we have a great deal of fun playing music together. Every gig is always unique and eventful, and the vast majority of them are a blast. We have met so many friends over the years just through playing tunes that everyone wants to hear. Two of those friends are Damon and Tracy.

Damon and Tracy have an annual summer party, and it is quite the shindig. They bring us in to play, and it is one of the most delightful gigs that our band performs. 

Since those gigs are so special to the band, I wanted to share a memory from one of said parties, so here’s the story:

For many years (the exact number I will not divulge here), I would search the night sky for falling stars. Sometimes it felt like I would stare for hours. Most likely it was minutes, or maybe an hour at the most, depending on where I was. I had countless opportunities to watch for shooting stars, at different times in life, and in many different settings, like at the beach, various states, countries, and continents, in a city, or out in the country. But I always expected to see one, and I had always been profoundly disappointed that I never did.

Until the summer of 2012.

I saw my very first falling star at Damon and Tracy’s 2012 party. It lasted only a moment, a fraction of a second, but it was so special, that I will never forget it.

There’s my memory du jour.